Saturday, April 28, 2007

Missing Out

Part of this wonderful mid-life time I feel like I miss out on some fun. I had planned to go out to celebrate my dearest friend's birthday tonight. We were planning a "Girls' Night Out" and I have been looking forward to it. My friend, Anne, does so much for other people and she really enjoys her birthday and the days of celebrations that accompany this time of year. I have been struggling with a wicked headache that turned into a migrane today. I am so disappointed. I know that struggling made it worse but as I watched the clock hoping that the medicine was going to kick in and seeing how much time I 'had left', I think I actually made the headache alot bigger than it needed to be. I know that my friend understands why I can't join them tonight because she has had terrible migranes for years but I still feel such a sense of disappointment and missing out on her big event. I definitely know I will be missing out on an evening of fun.

Friendships are so important all through our lives. Celebrating milestones and happy times is as important as being there when times are tough. So, if I feel that I can join in on the celebration later, I will go with my fuzzy head and have some laughs and wish my wonderful friend a very happy Birthday!!

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