Friday, April 20, 2007


Today I needed to call my old school district and have them write a letter that my health care through them will end as of June30th so that my husband's company can enroll us for July 1. Just a routine call.....but so many big shifts for me. I have always gotten my own benefits from my work. It feels so very strange to be getting benefits from Chris's work. We are so very fortunate that we can pick up my benefits from his job. I am just experiencing many emotions around this shift....another shift. On one hand I know that I have been given an opportunity to try new things and I appreciate this time. On the other hand, I definitely feel out on a limb at times, trying to figure out the next limb to jump to!! I anticipated much grief and upset over the phone call. My old system is playing a big power game with folks who need to sign on to pay their full benefits through them and I naturally felt that my request for a letter would be a big problem. Well, the biggest problem was the one in my head. Doing the action was so much simpler than all the negative thinking before I made the call. The call was fine and the request was no problem...whew!! Right before I called I tried to visualize a positive experience and a conversation that moved with mutual respect and ease. I have to say that is how the conversation progressed. Where did all that crazy thinking come from??
It is finally a beautiful day in the Northeast. I am trying to decide how to best enjoy the spring sunshine. Many things call to me and I not sure which direction to move toward to squeeze the wonderful bits of sunshine from this day. Its nice to get the chores out of the way early and then look at doing something that will bring pure enjoyment.
What does bring me joy? Connecting with the people I love in my life. Making sure I get to hear from my godchildren and friends always lifts me up. Enjoying reading good books and learning new things also adds that spark to my life. Traveling to new places and experiencing life in other cultures has added so much to my life. Cooking and knitting help ground me to myself as does my yoga practice. This week I have not taught my two yoga classes because we are on vacation and I really miss the connection with my students and my practice of yoga in the class where I get to be the student. There is so much that brings me joy.
The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, the plants are reaching toward the is good.

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