Thursday, April 19, 2007

Memory Lane

Memory Lane.....Today a friend that I worked with in the school system and the person who bid into my job came over for lunch. Jenn, the teacher who has my old job is on a maternity leave. It was wonderful to see her and her baby, Andrew Jack. Love is beautiful. There is nothing like a baby to put everything into perspective. Looking at this beautiful baby and watching him explore his world was awesome. I really have forgotten just how cool those little people are as they do their thing and we watch in amazement of it all. I really need to figure out how to use my digital camera to post some photos.
Our discussion was partially work related and that felt very strange. There is definitely a duality....feeling connected yet disconnected. So many emotions wrapped around this position. I do feel like I am on a self- imposed oasis....a place of reflection and conscious thinking. It feels wonderful to have distance from the politics and craziness of a system but I also feel the absence of seeing people who I value on a daily basis. I guess I can't have it both ways!!
What to do on this self-imposed oasis? Time, space and place to be conscious and present. Writing is definitely on the list of activities....whether its pen to page or taping the keys, I need to let ideas flow and see where that takes me. Let the road be interesting and the lessons be gentle.

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