Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just Do It

Chris and I took a class at the studio today and one of the pieces of wisdom I got from the teacher was to just do it! I had been talking about how I was torn between offering a journaling workshop or getting more time to devote to my own writing journey and I wasn't sure which way to go. She looked at me and said "just do it!"....I asked, "What?" and she powerfully responded, "Both". It got me thinking about this: one part may give the other part energy. I do tend to spend too much time in my head, thinking about DOING, rather than just doing it!! Whether it is painting a room, starting the kitchen remodel, yardwork...I expend so much thinking energy before I even start the job, I am already sick of it!! Getting to the finish line is quite the unbelievable challenge. Just do it is great wonder Nike is so big. So many of us can relate to our overthinking. It paralyzes action. It feels so good to get out of my head...its such a busy and confusing place. It is time for action on so many out...things are going to get moving!!

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