Saturday, April 21, 2007

Phone Deprivation

Yesterday, we realized that our phone line was dead. After a frustrating call with the cable company who provides our phone service, I decided that it may be nice to have 48 hours with no phone calls. The cable company's customer service person was just upset that I would not give her a cell phone number as a contact. She doesn't realize that my cell phone gets awful reception in my own neighborhood so if they did call me on it, I wouldn't really be able to get a audible message. It made me think of all the technology we have and all the additional stress it brings when it doesn't work they way it should. I also thought back to the differences in customer service now as compared to long I am really feel old. The reps attitude was "this is when we can get there and its your problem". It just makes me want to take my business elsewhere but hearing from friends that use the other company, I know that it's basically the same run around. I used my most authoritative voice in saying, "Monday is not acceptable" and I did get the time moved up to Sunday. That didn't seem like a such a big win to me. It just amazes me the power game that is played in society on so many levels, even a simple service call. The rep made it sound like she had to pull strings to get me on Sunday's schedule and I should be thanking her for the big favor. Makes me think if I got another operator, maybe my phone line wouldn't be looked at until Tuesday or Wednesday.
Also makes me wonder how that company is run if the customer service people need to bargain and negotiate with the tech people to do a service call. Survivor is more than a TV show and that saddens me.

Going through this day, it has been wonderfully quiet. I like the silence that the non-ringing phone brings. There were no interruptions when I did my morning writing, or cleaned up around the house. I even took a nap this afternoon and did not hear a ringing phone in the distance. Maybe I should call my customer service friend back and see if she can get my on the list for next Thursday!

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