Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Day In The Life

All of my days seems to unfold...I love that! I don't feel in the rat race, on a treadmill, or overwhelmed. I love the variety in my days when they are filled with new things I enjoy. Today we needed to bring one car in for an oil change so Pat, my sister, was my chauffeur for the day. We had a writing group meeting this morning and it was fun to go together. For me the group was a good opportunity to learn more about this whole writing thing in the real world. Barbara, our group leader is a woman of great wisdom on many levels. She has written many books and we are priviledged to share in her crafting/fine tuning her autobiography. Pat and I are like little kids waiting for the next chapter each time we meet. We had a lot of fun joking about some parts of her work but also I learned alot of information about her process. It seems as though the bottom line is that if you want to be a writer, you have to write...alot!! Barbara is a great inspiration because she is a "bottom line" type of person and I really like that. Her comments on our writing are helpful and make alot of sense.
After the writing group, Pat and I got Kaitie from school. Kaitie is a freshman in high school. Watching dismissal from this school gave us a few laughs. Listening to kids walking by and talking on their cell phones, seeing the pack move by as a whole and ducking as the teenage drivers pulled out of the parking lot in cars that were definitely too nice and expensive for a sixteen or seventeen year old to be driving was a reality bite! On the drive home, the pack that was with Kaitie kept very busy in the back seat in what I assume was texting their friends and making plans for the day ahead.
By the time I got home the car was ready. I made the filling for Spinach Pies for Chris's dinner and let the dough rest (here is where a digital photo would be nice) while we picked up the car. I stopped by the studio to set up for my yoga class tonight. It was so great to be in the space...enjoying the quiet for a few minutes. I am looking forward to tonight's class for many reasons....the people are wonderful; what we are doing tonight will feel so good and it makes a wonderful ending to a day in the life!!

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