Monday, October 27, 2008

Learning Something New Everyday

I learned today that I don't play enough. I guess I have known that for a while. I have a rushed, hectic feeling inside that tends to tell me that it's not ok to play,even for a few mintues. I know that if I played for a little, I would enjoy my work more.....but play feels like procrastination and I am so very good at that.
Take today for example....I had a meeting for a student this morning and it was a great celebration of her work. I knew that there was a mountain of work to prepare for another job and it was waiting for me when I got home. Leaving the morning meeting, the sun was shining in a beautiful blue October sky and the temperature was just right for me. I decided that Chris and I needed to get outside before I had to attach myself to this computer. We went to one of my favorite places, the clamshack on the beach-Iggy's. I have learned to order things that work for my body there rather than the clamcakes! The hour or so we spent there was like a shot in the arm.
When I got home, I still had alot of work to do but I had a wonderful feeling that I had a little fun in this day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Good Day

I guess it truly means that I am in mid-life when I am rating a day as good based on my cholesterol numbers are getting better; much better. They should be! For the past seven weeks I have been doing this Detox it was a relief to see that the work has been paying off. Seven weeks without pastas, breads, sugar, milk, and see what happens. I really had no clue how the blood work would turn out since the program basically includes at least one egg a day. Now I am thinking that bringing back whole grains would be a good thing because it would provide an alternative to the egg for breakfast. What have I learned in all of this? That vegetables are a good thing and that our bodies are really meant to have whole, unprocessed food. How much better things work with whole food.....and not too much of it. Let's see what the next three months sure felt good to get off the blood pressure meds.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Diners, Drive-ins and .....Work!!

The sound of my old computer finally stopping felt a bit like a death. The end of the whirring motor, the absolute quiet of the room seemed so strange. I am very excited about my new computer.....with wireless everything. Maybe this new set up will be the motivation I need to get to this blog more often.

I went to the Liberty Elm Diner in Providence for lunch with Anne. The diner is just such a wonderful funky place......the music, the people, the food. As we were having lunch, a colorful old school bus painted hippie style pulled up in front of the diner. Tink, our version of Alice at Mel's diner, ran out to greet the bus, jumping up and down and waving. A group of actors from Vermont found their way into the diner for breakfast/lunch. It was great to feel the energy shift in that place. Before the new visitors entered, one of the cooks was standing at the counter saying, "Please let them come in and have something to eat". It was wonderful to see the action begin in the diner and feel the happiness of the diner staff, greeting these strangers like old friends. When I am at the Liberty Elm, I just want them to really succeed for so many reasons. The wonderful group of people are really giving back to the neighborhood; they are supporting using fresh, local goods and they are encouraging other artists to either perform or display thier artwork. Going to the Libery Elm feels like a dip in pool of creativity in this feels wonderful to be a part of this artful place, even if it is only to share eggs and a coffee.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Great Day

There was nothing unusual or special about today; yet, it has been a wonderful day. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. After an early morning meeting at an alternative high school, we went to plan our yoga classes at the beach. Not the beautiful ocean beach, but a nice beach on the bay that is only about 10 minutes away. The sun, the water and the sounds of the beach were wonderful. It was the perfect temperature for me today...probably in the low 70's with bright blue sky and a gentle breeze. I even put my feet in the was refreshingly chilly. How lucky I am to have a day with work and play in a wonderful balance.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There is no excuse~

I know that there is no excuse for not getting to this blog. I realize that I have not added one little word since August....and that feels just wrong. So what has been happening?? When I look at the big bits of time, I would say "Not much"....but each day there seems to be so much to do. Tutoring students, getting the dog bite prevention program finished, transitioning to the fall in yoga and in my closets, and advocating for those wonderful kids who show up in my life needing someone to be their voice has really kept me moving these past few months. I also have been healing, or trying to recoup from the knee surgery in June. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield or George Burns when I knee is great, its the rest of my body that is falling apart. Maybe getting to a place of realization that my knees are not going to be pain-free has been more difficult to accept than I want to admit. Knowing that I need to consider how my knees feel in doing certain things does get me pissy somedays. A low beach chair will never be as enjoyable as they used to be....what a bad attitude to have. I need to change that and that is why I am doing some overtime with a physical therapist.

A question I need to ask myself is "what am I doing for get out of myself, get creative, explore....for me? So much lately has been what I need to do to get ready for tomorrow. I guess I need to get time in that is playful...just for me!

So now, its off to a great yoga class....just for me!