Monday, October 20, 2008

A Good Day

I guess it truly means that I am in mid-life when I am rating a day as good based on my cholesterol numbers are getting better; much better. They should be! For the past seven weeks I have been doing this Detox it was a relief to see that the work has been paying off. Seven weeks without pastas, breads, sugar, milk, and see what happens. I really had no clue how the blood work would turn out since the program basically includes at least one egg a day. Now I am thinking that bringing back whole grains would be a good thing because it would provide an alternative to the egg for breakfast. What have I learned in all of this? That vegetables are a good thing and that our bodies are really meant to have whole, unprocessed food. How much better things work with whole food.....and not too much of it. Let's see what the next three months sure felt good to get off the blood pressure meds.

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