Monday, May 24, 2010

Changing Things Up

Today we are getting a new bed. Sounds so simple and basically it is except for all the rearranging we needed to do. I am so excited to finally be able to sleep in a big comfortable bed without the loud creaky and small space of our old bed. I loved knowing that the old bed was basically handed down from my Aunt Annis but in the end, comfort rules out. The old bed was not only very hard to sleep in, it was really noisy. Every time one of us turned over (and that in itself is tricky in a full size bed) the sounds of the creaky bed seemed magnified.
Enough about the old with the new. A BIG king-size bed with a pillow top...I am going to be in bed heaven! I can't wait to sleep in it. Decisions to need to be made. I need to think about a comforter and blankets for this new addition to our furniture.
It's not just the bed I am excited about...the other great outcome in this big purchase was cleaning out the bedroom and not putting all the stuff back it. Having a bedroom that feels clean (especially for Chris and his difficulties with sinus/ migrane issues), airy and calm will be so wonderful. It surprised me that I really am so happy about spending lots of money on a bed. There is also this nagging part that says....this could have been a vacation. My middle-aged voice is responding by saying, "Now, every night will feel like a vacation." I hate to say this but I think I am getting sensible in my "old age".

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The reoccuring lesson in my life...being in balance. Between work and play, social time and alone time, exercise and being a couch potato, proteins and carbs....balance on so many levels. Yoga has really helped me to notice balance (and/or the lack of balance) in my life and for that, I am grateful. Winter is a wonderful time to get still and get refocused. I do see how easily I let the balance equilibrium let go. Makes me wonder if I am just more used to be out of balance than I am to being in balance.

I also realize that it takes work to keep myself in balance. I need to put certain things as a priority to maintain my balance. Having the time to exercise and cook healthy meals is a pretty basic step. Usually that is something I can struggle with when I am off track. But what are the other things I need to do so that I stay in balance?

Creating space in my day for quiet, staying clear of toxic people or thoughts, accomplishing the goals I set out to do......all lead to that wonderful sense of fullness.

What can I do to stay in balance or bring myself to balance everyday? All suggestions are welcomed!