Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Starting this blog has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I just needed to start! I am at a transition time in my career ending and new ways of being opening in my life. It does feel like an oasis at times and other times it feels very scary and uncomfortable. After working in the area of Special Education for almost thirty-five years (28 in public schools), I was able to "retire" and explore my options. It has been almost two years at this oasis and I think I am finally getting it! Right after I left the school system, I worked with my good friend, Peg and did a yoga/journaling retreat. She taught the yoga and I did the journaling piece. The retreat was a five day experience at an ocean farmhouse. It was a magical experience. Seeing how yoga supported people opening into the journal experience was powerful. In the fall, I started a Yoga Teacher Training program which was a great experience and a big Stretch in so many ways for me. I have been teaching two yoga classes and co-teaching a class facilitating "The Artist's Way". Life is good. This blog is a time to check in at the oasis. The Oasis of that calm place of inner knowing when things in the world around me are challenging.

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