Saturday, September 1, 2007

Martini PJ Party....The Beginning

The view from Nancy's house is just breath-taking. It's the kind of view that a photo will remind you of, but not capture the true sense of awe as when you are there, seeing for yourself. Nancy has this view from almost all the rooms in her house, just awe-inspiring. Nancy is great at describing the bodies of water and the land you can see from her house: Ninigret Pond and Charlestown,RI; followed by Block Island Sound and Block Island; followed by the Atlantic Ocean......and Europe or Portugal depending on the day, direction of sail. I just crack up every time we do our geography review from the deck.
Our PJ Martini Party started here and pretty darn early in the afternoon....thank goodness! This was a place and a purpose that I just could not wait to get to! Getting to spend a good chunk of times with my wonderful friends was something I waited for all summer. We definitely try to meet once a month to catch up and connect. Our visits are usually on a Friday night and greatly anticipated, coming at the end of our 'working' weeks. The time flies when we meet and before you know it, we need to call it a day. There never feels like there is enough time to catch up. Planning this little gathering was a great idea and having it at Nancy's house was a perfect setting for our Summer Soiree.
Once we all assembled at Nancy's, there was no moving us. From the deck to the living room(when it got alittle too warm on the deck) and back to the deck again....the day unfolded. Lots of laughter, good conversation and heart connections continue. Every special time together continues to weave our lives together in great friendship, a true sisterhood. When I think of these wonderful sisters I see once a month (Nancy, Beth, and Susan), I just am so grateful.
***Because I cannot figure out how to post pictures then text, then pictures again, the next entry will address the actual making, testing and enjoying of the Martinis!

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