Monday, September 3, 2007

Serious Business

This is very serious need to make sure everything is just right. Having a Martini PJ Party can be a lot a pressure so it is best to work together to get just the right combination of flavors for the Chocolate Martinis and the Almond Joy Martinis. Nancy and Beth are you can see!

After all the measuring was through, it was important to have an independent taster. Susan provided a great commentary on the quality of our Martinis. After a very busy week with her good friend, Geri, and lots of late nights, it did not take much to please Susan. The Chocolate Martinis were 'smooth as silk' and having them out on the deck with that beautiful view (see yesterday's entry) made them all the more intoxicating. Susan had a little trouble hiding her disappointment that I did not bring my blender along. My last "blender martini" resulted in a very loose bottom(on the appliance) and some aerial tricks to save the last bits of juice.... it was a "Depends Moment" for all of us! The Almond Joy Martinis had eye appeal.....I forgot the Frangelica and added a bit too much almond extract. Thankfully, they were served after the first batch of Chocolate Martinis and our only concern was getting the Hersey Kiss in the bottom of the glass! How things have changes...from the worm in the bottom of the tequila bottle to the kiss in the martini glass...some changes are very good!

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