Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was a sad day. My favorite Clam Shack, Iggy's was closing so that major renovations can take place between now and March,2008. When I heard the news from my friend Dale, my immediate reaction was 'they can remodel, but they are keeping it a clam shack, right??' Dale's mom, Mal and I love going to the clam shack for a bowl of RI chowder and some clam cakes. There are times when we have to beg Dale and Chris to humor us and come along. They usually do because they want to eat. After hearing this news,we decided to meet at Iggy's for a "last lunch". Its' a good thing we didn't make it a "last supper" because they were running out of some items when we were there around 2pm. There was no bottled water and they had no salt packets. When the man in front of us asked for salt, they just gave him the cook's shaker and said this is all we have.....salt and go!

What is it that draws me to the clam shack? The feel of the beach and this wonderful view (above photo) is a big draw. I have this wonderful thought of coming to Iggy's with my journal or laptop and having a cup of warm chowder as I work on my "great American novel". Iggy's is a very informal place but it also has a rich history in Rhode Island. Situated in Oakland Beach this institution has outlasted the Victorian resort community at the turn of the century, a honky tonk town complete with a carousel and Dodge'Ems, and a rough and tumble kind of neighborhood where people turn the heads away from all sorts of transgressions. Through it all, Iggy's was the place to walk up to the window, give your order and wait for your number to be called. I remember being in line at the window of Iggy's and not being able to see into the kitchen. At that age, it was not the chowder that I liked; then we came for the dough boys. The lovely pieces of fried dough coated in sugar were a great treat. Walking through the attractions on the midway was exciting. I remember going on the DodgeEm's with my mom and getting scared out of my wits at the way she was driving. I really hated the sparks on the ceiling above our car and the smell of the greased parts.
I ran out of the hall as soon as the cars stopped and I don't think I ever went on Bumper Cars again.
Iggy's in the past few years has been a great sanctuary.....a place to feel the attraction of Narragansett Bay, the warm sun even in the winter and the serenity around the water. So many wonderful memories of this little clam shack. I told Dale that if she sees the news tomorrow and there is a video clip of two women lying across the front doors of Iggy's not letting the bulldozers pass to check and see if its Mal and me!!

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