Friday, August 24, 2007

Newf Angel

Our Molly.....Here are photos (that I finally got out of the digital camera) that show a typical day in the life of our girl. Two of the things Molly typically did every day was to sit with Chris and check out whatever meal was happening. Notice that we had a bar table with stools because when we ate at the regular table; it was not pretty if Molly and Chris were at the same meal. (Molly was fine if Chris wasn't begging). The photo with Molly in her New Year's costume shows her hugging into Chris...she totally loved Chris's rubs and would lean into him in a wonderful Newfie hug. We called Chris's hands 'healing hands' and I truly believe that his loving touches helped ease the discomfort and pain Molly was feeling.
Molly came to us as a puppy (at approximately 12 weeks old) and about 30 pounds. My first Newf, Anka, had passed in September and about 2 weeks later my mom passed. It was an unbelievably painful time. My two godchildren, Beth and Jill, were really encouraging (as only kids can be) us to add another dog to our family. Finally, I called the person that raised Anka for her first three years to see if there were any puppies or older dogs in Anka's line. She said there was one puppy in a kennel in NJ that was from the same line as Anka's dad (one of those famous Newfie stud dogs) and she could get her the next day and we could pick her up late the next night. It took us about three minutes to make the decision and we knew that someone special was about to come into our lives. Suddenly I realized that the next day was my mom's birthday. ...and I felt that she was giving us a wonderful present.
The next night, Chris and I were told to meet our new addition around 9pm. I purposely did not tell Beth or Jill this news because I finally wanted to be able to really surprise them. Chris and I drove to Robin's kennel and as we walked into the building there was a cute little newf in the pen playing with a big ball. Chris said, "I think this is our new baby". I abruptly said, "there are alot of newfs here" (not wanting to get my hopes up). Robin greeted us and sure enough that little ball player was our new addition. Chris and I decided that we would meet our girl before naming her. On the way home, Chris rode in the back seat and held our girl and it was then that we knew this special girl was Molly!!
When we got home, I was so excited to finally be able to surprise the kids. Chris stayed with Molly in the kitchen and I went to the other side of the house (we live in a duplex with our friends living on the other side) and looked at the kids and said, "Who made the big mess in my kitchen? You better come and help me clean this up?" Both Beth and Jill looked at me like I was crazy (they did that alot). When we got my side of the house and they looked into the kitchen and saw the beautiful black ball of fur, both of them were beside themselves with excitement. I told them not to freak out the puppy so it was even funnier watching them trying to "contain themselves" in front of Molly.
The bond between Molly and Beth and Jill was so wonderful. Our group attendance at Puppy Kindergarten and Obedience Classes was a record....1 dog and 4 people. There are so many wonderful memories of these classes that I may need to do separate blogs on some of these escapades.
The girls have grown up and Molly travelled to Rainbow Bridge last November, ten years after blessing our lives with her presence. I truly believe that Molly was sent to us as an angel. I often called her my Newf Angel.

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