Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Checklist

This is a day to get things handled. I've got alot of birthday, anniversary, special occassion presents to get and I am feeling stumped with ideas for these gifts. Its not easy to always have a good idea for a present. I love it when I think of just the right thing for a special person and giving that gift is just so much fun. But for now, I am stuck. I need an Anniversary gift for my sister and brother-in-law, a birthday gift for Chris and one for Karisa and I am stuck on all counts. Part of this dilemma is that I need to buy within a very small budget and I am really not liking that! When I think of some of the gifts I have given over the years, this year seems like a dud. I also know that I need to change my thinking around this or it will be more upsetting than it needs to be. I need to focus on the interests of those people and then find something special within my price range. The "within my price range" is the new learning to me. I do have a thought for sister told me that she wants to learn to I could give her a gift certificate to the yarn shop near the mall and start her with lessons...That may be fun. I think Chris would really enjoy the idea of extra cash that is not for something of a fun buying. I am not narrowed down to one gift to keep thinking about..Pat and Kevin's Anniversary Present...ok..That's not so bad.
Later this morning, my friend, Anne and I are going shopping and I should have another item checked off my to-do list! I really like to plan ahead with gift ideas but there are times when pulling through at the last minute feels great.
My next goal will be getting some photos on this blog.....yet another item on the check list! Checklists only feel good when you are checking things off.

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