Sunday, June 3, 2007

Life Goes On

It has been a month since I have blogged.....too long. I am now back doing 10 days in my old job and I realized that at times it feels like I have never left...and on the other hand, that life does go on. I did make the 'right' decision for me in leaving this job two years ago. It is nice to see the people I worked with and some of the students I worked with two years ago but I also know that I don't want to be involved in the crazy dance that happens there. I am really so blessed in my post school life. My challenges and lessons are presented differently but I clearly see similarities in what lessons were presented during my school time and what is happening in my life now. Lessons involve setting boundaries, taking one thing at a time, taking care of others without giving myself away.....there are so many times I have been presented with opportunities to learn these lessons at so many levels.
I have a deeper appreciation for the Yoga teaching I am doing and how good that is for me and for my students. I also need to concentrate on opening myself to more students in my classes and know that what I offer them is important for them.
Life goes on for all of us!

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