Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

So the answer is not 5'4"....even that makes me groan. I am doing the NanoWrite as you can see by my very cute little label over to the right. The idea is to write 50,000 words during the month of November. Last year, I made it to 50,000 and then December came. My kitchen remodel began and my Nano novel stayed in its binder on a bookshelf. The story was at a pivotal point and the five women characters were about to enter into a transformational experience.......that's when I got stuck. I knew that I wanted it to be REALLY big and I was really good at procrastinating. Sometimes when we expect something so wonderful, we are paralyzed to even begin with the tiniest baby step.

As this November 1st rolled around, I knew it was time to dig in again. I have made my daily quota of 1667 words and not much more. I remind myself of the kids I had in school when they did an assignment where they had to write a paragraph. Usually one brave soul would raise their hand and ask, "How many sentences does the paragraph have to have?" Looking around the room, it seemed as though all eyes were on me, waiting for the absolute minimun that would be expected. I usually tried to give some philosophical response, but in the end usually one student would not give up and go for a number. I think I learned a bad habit from my students.

On a much brighter note......finally, we have a reason to believe: Barack Obama won the Presidential election last night. I can feel myself get so emotional realizing the work, faith and tenacity that he had to have to accomplish this goal this time around. It has been so long since there have been heros. It makes me feel hopeful for the next generations to be able to move this country forward; away from intolerance, ignorance and hatred to unity, compassion and accomplishment for the greater good. As we move to a more spiritual and compassionate world, this man holds great promise. My faith has been restored in the American people.

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