Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Another Day...On The Couch

This picture could be taken any day of the week around 4pm. Like clockwork, Chris, Jack and Ricky find their way to naptime on or around the comfy couch. Well, I don't think that this couch is really that comfy but I guess it is the perfect thing for the boys. Naptime is a sacred time around here and things like the phone, doorbell, or stove timer are completely ignored during this solemn time of male bonding. Jack and Ricky prepared for this ritual well before Chris comes home around 3:30. Early in the afternoon the canine pair take up residence on either side of the couch and listen intently. At each sound of a car or a voice they rush to the back door, barking wildly, ready to greet Chris and tell him of the day's events. Their little hearts look broken when they realize that it was just a false alarm. As a matter of fact, Ricky has learned to let Jack do the running and barking while he waits to make sure its the real thing. They are a comical team.

When Chris does finally get in the door and settles into his afternoon routine. Jack and Ricky wait patiently for him to get into "couch mode". This does not take long! If both dogs are on the couch, rather than telling them to move, Chris walks into the kitchen because he knows they will follow him and then comes back into the den and promptly rearranges the couch for naptime. The boys find their favorite spots; Ricky is usually at the end of the couch on the arm and Jack cuddles into the white blanket kind of spooning with Chris. Within five minutes, Chris is oblivious to all this and in dreamland....Tough life for all!

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