Thursday, January 21, 2010


The reoccuring lesson in my life...being in balance. Between work and play, social time and alone time, exercise and being a couch potato, proteins and carbs....balance on so many levels. Yoga has really helped me to notice balance (and/or the lack of balance) in my life and for that, I am grateful. Winter is a wonderful time to get still and get refocused. I do see how easily I let the balance equilibrium let go. Makes me wonder if I am just more used to be out of balance than I am to being in balance.

I also realize that it takes work to keep myself in balance. I need to put certain things as a priority to maintain my balance. Having the time to exercise and cook healthy meals is a pretty basic step. Usually that is something I can struggle with when I am off track. But what are the other things I need to do so that I stay in balance?

Creating space in my day for quiet, staying clear of toxic people or thoughts, accomplishing the goals I set out to do......all lead to that wonderful sense of fullness.

What can I do to stay in balance or bring myself to balance everyday? All suggestions are welcomed!

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