Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just Jack

Jack is my grand-god dog. Ok, so we have ways to define relationships that I find heart-warming and this grand-goddog is another example. Jack is my godchild,Jill's dog. Since we all live the in same house (it's a duplex), we are lucky enough to get to see alot of Jack. Jack is not really a bee, as he is seen in the photo. Jack is a Yorkie. Chris has renamed Jack, The Terrorist, because Jack thinks he is truly fearless when he starts to play. The sounds Jack makes while he is getting you to pull on his rope toy or his ball are ferocious sounding. Jack totally wants to be one of the big kids. He will run faster than the wind to get the ball before Ricky gets a chance to grab it. He also tries to play that he is dominant over Lucy, standing on the couch looking down at her with a clear expression on his face that he is the boss. Lucy and Ricky are lucky enough to have the wisdom of thier ages to help them deal with the wild young man. They set him straight gently and they do let him get the ball quite alot.
The best thing to see with Jack is to watch and see his excitment when his Jill comes home. He totally becomes unglued when she talks to him in a certain way. Jill can make her voice very high and wavering and Jack just goes spastic when he hears it. They did have a bit of a power struggle when Jack decided that he was no longer going to wear the designer outfits that Jill had in her closet for him. Jack protested by doing what the picture shows.....he would stay in one place on the floor and refuse to move. This not moving is highly unusual for Jack, he is always moving. So the outcome of the struggle ....well, you probably know what the outcome far the score is Jack 1 and Jill 0......

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