Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nothing says summer like a Del's lemonade! If you are visiting Rhode Island, one of the seven wonders of this state is Del's lemonade. When you have spent a day at the beach and you can feel your skin sizzling as you start the drive home, a Del's Lemonade is just what you need. This lemonade is truly different than any other frozen lemonade you may have tried......its sweeter and more lemony. I can bet that you will find a piece of lemon in your drink as you finish.
My oldest godchild, Brooke, absolutely is the best Del's lemonade fan I know. She moved to Kentucky when she was in third grade (much to my broken heart) and whenever she returns to RI, Del's is the first thing on her list of places to go. Her last visit was for her Meme's funeral. We had a short time to grab lunch and then get to the family calling hours. I was so glad that the Del's just happened to be opened on our way. As she stood in line waiting for her Del's, I did not see a beautiful grown women with two young children back in Kentucky, I saw my Brooke, with a long braid down her back and a golden tan, waiting for her summer treat. It just makes me wonder: where did the time go?

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