Friday, February 29, 2008

D Day

Today is the day.....we are going to get our taxes done this evening. This means all those hours of work in getting the numbers in the correct column that I needed to do all year long will be done today. What am I doing? Well, basically, anything that will put off digging into the numbers! I know I need to just get myself to the table, sprawl out all the papers and dig in. Once I start, I know it won't be as bad as all the energy I have spend thinking about it. For days, I have been thinking and thinking of getting this stuff together and just pooping out when it came down to actually getting pencil to paper. Well, now, the clock is ticking and I am still waiting!!! My inner teacher is saying, "Snap out of it."

Isn't it great how every other job in the house seems to be more important than starting on the taxes? Yesterday, I switched all my spices into three wonderful lazy susan spice containers and I had my friends over for dinner. Doing all that I didn't have time for taxes and then later, I couldn't mess up the dining room table. After dinner, I was just too tired to start on them because I truly am a morning person.

For today, I promise not to answer the door or the phone until the job is finished. I know that the one phone call or visitor will pull me out of my focus and now this is serious business. In eight short hours, I will be handing over these numbers to a very competent tax person and that will feel priceless!

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